Recycling of materials

Logiscrap S.L. service offers an extensive collection of recyclable material at international level. The material is analyzed by experienced personnel and classified into metal, alloy, shapes and degrees. Our main customers are industrial refineries, functions, extruders, etc…, both nationally and internationally. Click on the different sections to display its contents.


Iron (Cód LER - 17.04.05)

New plate cuts   New plate cuts   Scrap   Scrap
Industrial scrap   Industrial scrap   Package of scrap   Package of scrap


Stainless steel (Cod. LER - 17.04.05)

Stainless steel   Stainless steel

Aluminum (Cod. LER - 17.04.02)

Aluminium wire   Aluminium wire   Aluminum pots   Aluminum pots
Aluminum carter   Aluminum carter   Aluminum lithography   Aluminum lithography
Aluminio nuevo   Aluminum   Aluminio perfil   Aluminum profile
Blind aluminum   Blind aluminum   Black Aluminium wire   Black Aluminium wire
Red Aluminium wire   Red Aluminium wire   Aluminum chips   Aluminum chips

Bronze (Cod. LER - 17.04.01)

Bronze   Bronze

Brass (Cod. LER - 17.04.01)

Brass   Brass

Calamine brass (Cod. LER - 17.04.07)

Calamina   Calamine brass

Brass (Cod. LER - 17.04.01)

Cobre calentador   Brass   Wire brass first category   Wire brass first category
Wire brass second category   Wire brass second category   Cobre tubo   Pipe brass
Cable de cobre   Wire brass   Cobre estañado   Brass plated

Lead (Cod. LER - 17.04.03)

Lead   Lead

Zinc (Cod. LER - 17.04.04)

Zinc   Zinc

Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard   Paper and cardboard. Cod. LER 20.01.01.

Plastic waste

Plastic waste   Plastic waste. Cod. LER 02.01.04.


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